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Our Services

Maintenance & Repair

We service boats, motors, and personal watercrafts while keeping them in excellence condition with winterizations, battery replacements, oil changes, tuneups, lake testing of repaired work, etc.

Business Services

Want to sell or purchase a boat or watercraft? We off buyer inspections and evaluation, as well as consignment opportunities. In addition, we will lake test new purchases for proper performance evaluation.

Parts & Accessories

Don’t worry about having to locate your own parts, we have got you covered. We also install accessories including trolling motors, depth finders, GPS systems, VHF radios, etc.

Skilled Labor Services

We offer service calls, pick-up and delivery, trailer rental, lake testing and complete repair of fiberglass, aluminum welding and insurance claims on all makes and models.

We are open Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 p.m. Call or text. Open Saturdays by appointment only.


Frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: What are the correct fuel to oil ratios? A: One pint of outboard oil to six gallons of gas or 50:1

Q: Why won't my boat start? A: Check red safety lanyard, pull off and reattach. OR- Check your battery and charge frequently and clean your terminals thoroughly. Tighten with pliers or a wrench.

Q: Why does my engine horn come on frequently? A: The water pump or oil system may need servicing.

Q: Will my boat run well after sitting for two years? A: No, it needs to be serviced by a qualified technician. Typically the battery will not be reliable and the fuel system needs to be drained and serviced.

  • Fuel Pump & Carburetor Problems

    Fuel pumps and carburetors on many makes and models frequently fail from old and contaminated fuel.

  • Preventable Issues

    Many issues can be prevented with regular maintenance.

  • Won't Start

    Always check the start lanyard and battery. 51% of the time this is the issue.

  • Here to Help

    We are always here to help you with boat repair needs.


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